"Rob, Chris, many thanks for undertaking the drainage design in such a short time frame with next to zero notice. Your input and knowledge has been very helpful and your discussions with DCC and the EA certainly enabled us to start construction works promptly to ensure we can meet our customer promises for this summer."

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Sustainable Drainage Design

There are many volumes of technical guidance written about SuDS, but most of this really boils down to the mantra of “making space for water”. At AWP we pride ourselves on working closely with clients, masterplanners and approving bodies to provide exemplars of sustainable drainage design that are built into masterplans from an early stage.

If the masterplan is well informed from its initial conception by a robust understanding of the drainage requirements then the green corridors and areas of public open space can be enhanced by the presence of water. If, alternatively, the surface water drainage is left to the end of the masterplanning process and 'shoe-horned' into a ‘fixed’ scheme, the results can be far less attractive and more costly to build. Well-designed SuDS generally have low construction costs with low maintenance requirements.

Over the years Rob, Chris  and our team have worked on numerous regional, national and international projects where best practice SuDS have added to the development both in the quality of the built environment and the resultant development investment value.

At AWP we make sure we are using the latest best practice guidance documents and industry standard drainage assessment and design software to deliver quality spaces.