"AWP displayed a rare ability to communicate and collaborate (brilliantly!), whilst aligning to every challenge that they were faced with. For a young team, their values and behaviours run deep. A pleasure to work with!"

Paul MattinDirectorWilderness Solutions www.wilderness-solutions.com

Graduate Training

Our training scheme is approved by the Institution of Civil Engineers. To prepare our graduates for future careers as chartered Civil Engineers we provide the opportunity to gain experience in each of our Transport Planning, Flood Risk and Detailed Infrastructure Design teams. We have a policy of rotating our graduate engineers between these teams to give them a breadth to their training and provide a solid foundation for their future civil engineering careers.

The 1st photo above was taken at a graduate training weekend; the 2nd photo is of our current graduates on our ICE training scheme.

Here's what some of our current graduates say about the opportunities and support provided as part of the AWP graduate training scheme:

Simon Baker – Since joining AWP in 2013 I have been fortunate enough to be involved in the graduate training program. This has involved experiencing a variety of different disciplines through the graduate rotation scheme. This provided the opportunity to get an understanding of all the elements of design completed by AWP, from the initial planning considerations, to the detailed design product going to site. This experience has provided a greater appreciation of what is required at various stages of the design process and allowed me to develop skills that many graduates do not get the opportunity to develop.

Having recently completed the graduate rotation, AWP have continued to help me with my ICE training including exposing me to innovative design tools and processes. This has involved introducing new processes and design tools in the office and completing more unusual designs to best suit the constraints on site. With this experience and training received through the rotation I am now providing training to the new graduates and technicians joining the office and hopefully sharing the lessons (and mistakes) learned so far. It is this process that has helped me to develop and push towards my Chartered Status and develop my skills as a Civil Engineer. AWP has been an excellent place to start my career and I look forward to developing with the company in the future.

Annabel Harris - AWP’s graduate training programme provides the opportunity to gain experience across the entire design process from the conceptual pre-planning stage to final design. The programme consists of three ‘rotations’ across all teams; two planning teams of transport planning and flood risk & drainage and a detailed infrastructure design team. Not only does the scheme give graduates the opportunity to gain experience across the entire design process, it also allows you to work alongside different people throughout the office. Completing the training programme allows you to gain a good understanding of all areas of design that the company offers. This is something that is quite rare within the civil engineering sector and is a credit to the fact that AWP is committed to the training and career progression of their staff. 

I have been at AWP for two years and am currently on my second ‘rotation’, having completed 18 months within the flood risk and drainage team.  I am now working within the detailed design team. I have had many opportunities since joining AWP to obtain valuable knowledge and experience which will support me to obtain my Chartership from the ICE and for my future career beyond.

Ben Fenton - The AWP graduate training scheme has been really helpful in bridging the gap between the knowledge gained at University and putting it into practice.  In both of my rotations so far I have felt supported whilst being given responsibility and gaining skills that help me to be a better engineer.  It has been rewarding to know that I am part of the design process and that the work I do will eventually translate into places for people to live and enjoy - I felt this particularly after visiting Nansledan on a company trip and seeing the end result of the work we are a part of.  I am looking forward to continuing my learning journey with AWP and working towards chartership.