"The Practitioners found the AWP environment to be very bright, clean and welcoming with an excellent modern, open plan office to work from and a great ‘work hard, play hard’ culture with friendly and supportive managers."

Carolyn HookerIiP PractionerInverstors in People www.investorsinpeople.com

Culture & Ethos

AWP is above all else, a partnership.  A partnership with our clients, a partnership with our co-professionals and a partnership with our colleagues.

Our culture is one of team work and the belief that a team that plays well together, works well together.

Our values are:

Trust - To be a trusted advisor to our clients; to trust each other in the business as a team; to evoke trust in our clients' project teams.

Sharing - To be open and honest with our clients and our colleagues; to give impartial advice identifying the risks and opportunities for our clients

Mutually respectful - To respect our clients and each other in our teams for their contribution; to be honest about that contribution and to share feedback in a helpful and forward looking way.

Delivering quality services - To have integrity in all that we do; to strive for excellence at all times; to be sensitive to the financial restraints of the client

Value for Money - To deliver our services in such a focussed manner that value for money is built in; to bring skill and experience in advising on optimum development solutions that add value to our clients' projects; to advise honestly on strategy and cost.

Informed - To keep ahead of the game and always be understanding of latest policy and technical advice so our advice is always fit for purpose

We run a series of fundraising, team-building and social events throughout the year including a summer family barbeque, pub trips, Footgolf, Clip & Climb, 10 pin bowling and kart racing. We like to celebrate our birthday each year and so far have enjoyed a weekend of outdoor activities at the Deer Park Hotel (2013), a weekend in Barcelona (2014) and a weekend on Dartmoor in order to build our team around our core values (2015). More recently we've had excellent weekend study trips to Dublin (2016), London (2017) and Amsterdam (2018).