"We engaged AWP to undertake pre-planning engineering work on our Hope House site in Bath. They did an excellent job in liaising with and obtaining technical approvals from the local approving authorities and we can happily recommend them to any potential client."

Markham HansonDirectorSquare Bay www.squarebay.com

The Team

We started as a team of seven back in November 2012, doubled that during 2014 as our workload grew, and doubled that again by the end of 2017.

One of our key objectives is to become our clients' trusted advisors and that is clearly about providing an excellent service and developing strong relationships with our clients' representatives. In many organisations that is generally restricted to Director or Project Manager level relationships, but we strongly believe in empowering our engineers and technicians to liaise with their counterparts. As their respective careers develop they will be the decision makers, so building professional relationships from an early stage is in everyone's interest.

To that end, here are brief pen pics of all of our staff as a first step to help you get to know them.