Transport Assessment

Our approach to Transport Assessment is driven by our client’s need to ensure the approving authority gains the understanding of the traffic and transport implications of a scheme necessary to give their support.

We are not fans of traffic models for their own sake but prefer a first principles approach to transport and traffic bearing in mind that every car driver thinks they are a traffic expert!

Our team’s broad experience of a wide variety of land use projects and scale of development enables us to be able to respond in a manner appropriate to the client’s scheme whether that be a single dwelling or a city centre retail regeneration.

We have the capability to undertake all the usual transport assessment tasks including GIS based analysis and the standard traffic prediction and modelling software tools.

True to our ethos of partnership we aim to build on good relationships with local highway authorities and the National Highways in scoping the necessary assessments and reaching agreement on any required mitigation works with the objective of achieving commercially deliverable development projects.

Where mitigation measures are required we believe they should be proportionate to the impact and prefer minimalist highway solutions over wide expanses of tarmac. In our experience smaller targeted interventions deliver more valuable local improvements and often assist in stitching a new development into its locality. We have much experience of assisting in the preparation of S106 agreements to deliver such measures alongside development projects

We also have significant experience in defending projects at Public Inquiry in the event that agreement cannot be reached or local decisions do not follow officer recommendations and have a good record of success.