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"The Poole Park Road project has many place-making challenges. AWP has provided excellent and pragmatic transport advice in support of the regeneration of the existing estate and as a result has made a big contribution towards enabling the design of a great place for residents to live in in the future."

Neil EmeryDirectorClifton Emery design

Barne Barton


We were appointed by Affinity Sutton (now Clarion) to work closely with Clifton Emery Design to develop a master plan to guide the redevelopment of over 200 existing flats in the Poole Park Road area of the Barne Barton estate in Plymouth.

The project involves working as part of a multi-disciplinary team along side the client, the local community and Neighbourhood Plan team to establish a scheme that makes a positive contribution to the neighbourhood when the existing flats have been demolished and new homes are built. Key to this is a fundamental re-thinking of the relationship between the new dwellings and the local highway network, removing the historical barriers that have existed between residents’ homes and the streets on which they live that arose from the challenging local topography, and thereby engendering a greater sense of ownership over the public realm and its uses.

This rebalancing of the function of the local streets away from a vehicle dominant movement bias towards an enhanced sense of place is aimed at encouraging greater social interaction in the new public spaces that will be created and encouraging walking, cycling and public transport as the preferred modes of transport over car trips, which is aligned with the overarching principles of Manual for Streets. As well as providing high-level advice on street hierarchy/layout matters, the design principles of the new shared space areas and parking arrangements, road closure/stopping up issues, and input to the emergency access and refuse collection strategies,  AWP’s commission includes the preparation of a Transport Statement and Framework Travel Plan to support the detailed planning application.

Plymouth City Council granted planning permission subject to S106 in July 2019.

Images reproduced courtesy of Clifton Emery Design